Tuesday 1 January 2019

What self-care looks like to me in 2019

What’s been on my mind this week is self-care. As 2019 doesn’t just ramp up, but explodes in to-do lists and deliverables, I’m trying to create the “headspace” to step back and take it all in. It’s so hard sometimes to realize you live in a physical body that needs love, care and attention, just as much as anyone else around you.

The end of 2018 was a rollercoaster of high-stress work, long hours, struggling to eat well to support my body, with barely anytime left for friends, family or even yoga. During that time I promised myself I would take just that one yoga class, draw one long bath, make my favourite food, sleep- but I didn’t.

It seemed too hard to look after one more person after a day of work, deadlines, errands and meeting the needs of my doggo. On average I commute about three hours a day to and from work, so at the end of the day I tumble back into the house, eat, and be in bed by 9pm, only to rinse and repeat the following day.

What scares me is that all this stress and exhaustion (not mental and physical) have an accumulative effect on the body.

In yoga, we talk about intention and where you put your energy. If you place your attention and energy into being kind to yourself and choose supportive activities, then you build more kindness, support, ease in your life. The same is true if you put your attention and energy into stress, anxiety, busyness, then you will draw in more of those elements into your life.

All this to say, in 2019, I’m making a concerted effort to pay attention to where I put my energy and one of these places is going to be more self-care.

For me this looks like:

  • Hot baths with Epsom salts a couple nights a week
  • Turning on my oil diffuser before bed 
  • Cleaning and tidying my house so I can love my space #konmari (if you have not watched Tidying Up and want something soothing to watch during your commute...)
  • Reading in bed before sleep -> not Instagram scrolling
  • Taking time to make a watercolor each week
  • Taking at least one yoga class each week, completing one yoga class at home each week, and teaching one yoga class each week
  • Daily meditation 
  • Going to my local coffee shop after yoga class on a Saturday morning to write 
  • Playing piano 
  • Hiking
  • Walking the dog
  • Making dinner 

And the reason I wrote them down? To help me remember what brings me joy, what fills me up, what brings me back to me. This wonderful list is also just a part of my “19 for 2019” goals, which is part of my plan to be more intentional with my life this 2019.

What self-care do you take to counteract the wildness of living in your world?

With love,
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